Frequently asked questions

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  1. Go to

  2. Register for an account

  3. Start an entry

  4. Payment will be required once you submit your entry

You can save your entry as you go and come back to it anytime, however once your entry is submitted you cannot make any further changes.

where and how do i enter?

Can i enter in more than one category?

Yes, you can enter the Footscray Art Prize a maximum of two times in either one category or two different categories, as long as the two artworks entered are different. 

For example, you can enter an artwork into the Footscray Art Prize category and you can enter a different artwork into the Tertiary category if you're studying at an Australian University/TAFE/College.

Each entry will be charged a separate entry fee, and will only be eligible for the particular category you enter in. 

Note: Young Artist's can only enter once in the Young Artist Category specific to their age group. 

how many artworks can i enter?

A maximum of two artworks can be entered, and they must be different artworks. 

Each entry will need a separate entry form completed and will each be charged the entry fee associated with the categories you select.

Note: Young Artist's can only enter once in the Young Artist Category specific to their age group. 

what mediums are accepted, and can i submit a performative piece?

The Footscray Art Prize is a visual art prize that accepts, but is not limited to, paintings, drawings, photographs, engravings, digital works such as videos, animation and sound design, sculptures and installations. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept performances. 

Please get in touch with us if you are unsure your artwork medium will be accepted. 

do you accept artwork






When you are completing the entry form, there is a separate tab titled 'Collaborators' to list all of the artists or the collective involved with the work.

We ask that a primary contact person is listed in the 'Artist Details' tab. 

If an artwork collaboration wins any of category prizes, it is the collaborating artists' responsibility to split the prize money. 

I'm not a professional artist, can I still enter?

Of course, anyone is welcome to enter the Footscray Art Prize as long as the artwork entered is original and responds to the Terms and Conditions

As long as the artwork has not been exhibited as part of an Art Prize before and adheres to the terms and conditions, you can enter an existing artwork. There is no date range that is has to have been created in.

You may also create a new artwork specifically for entering into the Footscray Art Prize, but it will need to be complete by the 5pm, 15 March 2019. The judges require a photo of all entries.

Can i enter an existing artwork or do i need to create a new one?


Yes, the artist selected as the winner of the Street Art Prize category will be paid an artist fee of $5,000 to prepare the site and install the work. This is in addition to the prize money and includes artist materials.

All other fees associated with the commission, such as anti-graffiti coating, scissor lift and traffic management, are paid for by Footscray Art Prize. 

Will I be paid an artist fee if my concept design is the winning Street Art work
commissioned for installation?

No, a site has already been allocated for the installation of the winning Street Art Prize.

The site address is 174 Nicholson Street, Footscray (wall facing Irving Street).

Artists submitting an entry in the Street Art Prize category should take this site into consideration for their concept design.

Can I choose my own site?

Three artists will be shortlisted for the Street Art Prize category based on the concept designs you submit. 

These designs will be displayed on a digital screen at Footscray Community Arts Centre as part of the Footscray Art Prize exhibition. 

The shortlisted artists will be provided with the opportunity to review their concept designs and refine them for final judging. 

if i am shortlisted, how will my design be represented in the exhibition?






Yes, you can, however please keep in mind the following checklist:

  • every student needs to complete an online entry form

  • we require parents direct contact details on the entry form, and they will receive communication from the Footscray Art Prize committee

  • students under the age of 16 must complete a Parent/Guardian consent form, which you can download from here (available soon) or from the entry form once entries have opened. Signed consent forms must be attached to the online entry form.

When it's time to drop off the artworks for the exhibition, taking place in June 2019 at VU at MetroWest, you can either drop off all of your classroom's artworks or ask that the parents take responsibility for this.

AS a teacher, can i enter my students work?